Pressure vs Force: Which is Better?

In previous articles, we have broken down the differences and similarities between Force Plates and Pressure Mapping Sensors.

After reading those articles you may be thinking, “Which one is better for me?” The quick and short answer is:

They are both awesome.

We believe a Pressure Mapping Sensor is an important tool for athletes, coaches, nurses, and researchers to use no matter what they are measuring. And at a significantly lower cost, they are perfect for any person or organization that has a set budget but wants results rich with information to use for their projects. Force plates measure force and measure it well. Vertical and rotational forces provide valuable information, which is why we encourage those with force plates to upgrade their setup and add our pressure mapping sensors to their setup and experience the treasure-trove of insightful, robust information they get from seeing the details from the pressure data.

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Pressure Mapping sensors have many applications.

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