Seat & Mattress Sensors

Our Seat and Mattress sensors drive valuable and insightful pressure data to our MeasureX software, providing unmatched clinical evaluations.

Seat Sensor

Using our wheelchair seating and positioning Pressure Mapping System will allow providers to encourage their patients to make decisions based on their health and not solely on cost. When presenting information from your fitting sessions, the SensorEdge Pressure Mapping Systems allow the provider to present the patient empirical data and unbiased advice that patients can trust.
Physical Size 20" x 20" Power USB
Sensitive Area 18" x 18" Connection USB or WiFi
Number of Sensors 1,024 Sensor Type Flexible
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Mattress Sensor

Our Pressure Mapping Mattresses enable doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to view the pressure between a patient’s body and their mattress: Alternating Pressure Mattress, Foam Mattress, Gel Mattress & Mattress Overlays. They are a fast and accurate tool to help prevent pressure ulcers.
Physical Size 82" x 35" Power USB
Sensitive Area 80" x 32" Connection USB or WiFi
Number of Sensors 1,472 Sensor Type Flexible
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MeasureX is SensorEdge's powerful software designed to work seemlessly with all SensorEdge pressure mapping systems. Our in-house software team develops the software alongside the sensors to ensure proper linking and interpretations. View 2D and 3D pressure maps along with average pressure graphs and informative histograms. MeasureX now comes with video integration to allow users with a need to capture video along with data to do so in one easy program.
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