SensorEdge SleepSystem

Sell more mattresses with the SensorEdge SleepSystem.

SleepSystem by SensorEdge

SleepSystem allows your customers to test individual beds within your inventory. The SleepSystem produces the best fit mattress for the way your customer sleeps using a detailed pressure mapping profile. Increase sales by showing your customer a visual comparison of the mattresses and give them the confidence to make a purchase. The SensorEdge Sleep System uses pressure mapping technology to help you assist your customers select the right mattress for the way they sleep.
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Compare Mattresses

We will help you load your inventory into the SleepSystems to streamline your mattress fitting process. Each session can record and save 6 tests, pressure profiles, and reports for a client. Run another session for an additional 6 comparisons and use the printable reports to select the best mattress.
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Generate Reports

Our Pressure Mapping Algorithms determine the best fit for your clients, letting them know your recommendations are based on empirical data.
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SleepSystem Walkthrough

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