Small Flexible Sensor

SensorEdge Flexible Sensors

Fabric based, compact and lightweight our soft sensors conform to a variety of surfaces. Flexible and breathable they are a great tool for ergonomic and comfort testing and analysis. Our powerful MeasureX Software works easily with the sensors and user to produce highly customized results.

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Product Information


picture of a wheelchair to demonstrate the seat sensors usefullness in ensuring comfort and pressure sore prevention while in a wheelchair

Medical, Retail & and More

Monitor pressures on a variety of services that require a flexible sensor. From medical mattresses and wheelchairs to industrial manufacturing, our sensors can show you what your eyes cannot see.

Sleep System

picture of our sleep system software used for comparing mattresses. This image links to the Sleep System page.

Find the Perfect Mattress

Increase sales and build a customer database with the SensorEdge Sleep System. Dynamic pressure profiles show customers which mattress they've tested is best for their comfort and sleep needs. Learn more about our flexible sensors here.


picture of and link to the website of our Measure X software that is used with our sensors.

Visualize Your Data

MeasureX is SensorEdge's powerful software designed to work seemlessly with our sensors. Our in-house software team developes the software along side the sensors to ensure proper linking and interpretations.