SensorEdge FootStep

FootStep™ by SensorEdge will take your practice to the next level. The system maps the pressure points on your patients' feet allowing you to see where they need the most relief and to fit them to the proper orthotics. Share this information with the patients, insurance companies and orthotics manufacturer to increase trust, consistency and efficiency.

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Product Information

Patient Database

A picture of our FootStep software pateint database feature

Quickly Find Patient Information

FootStep™ comes complete with a searchable database including contact information, diagnosis and historical exams. Easily recall any patient's information.

Easy to Learn

Picture showing how a user can view two foot scans from different times for historical reviews and comparisons

Simple and Logical

The intuitive FootStep ™ software is easily learned by practitioners no matter their age. Connect the sensor to your computer with a Wi-Fi connection, or use the USB data and charging cable.

Print Reports

Picture showing the print-out a patient or customer can receive to take home as a reminder or to send to an insurance company

Patient Records

Print detailed exam reports to use with orders, claims or to help educate your patients. All reports are branded with your name and contact information for easy access and clarity.