picture of a mini and large balance plates which are hard pressure sensors

SensorEdge Hard Sensors

The SensorEdge Hard Sensors use sensors encased in durable shields to provide fast and accurate pressure mapping. They are designed for use on the floor or anywhere a hard sensor is needed. From athletics or orthotics, the uses for Hard Sensors are unlimited. Each Hard Sensor is made to work with our in-house software for an smooth and easy to use interface that lets the user see the data and its representation through 2D and 3D models.

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Product Information

Balance Plates

a picture of our large, hard pressure mapping sensor: Large Balance Plate

Simple set-up. Dynamic results.

Balance Plates are a simple to set up but deliver awesome results. After a quick install of the accompanying MeasureX software on your computer you will be able to unleash data hidden from the eye.

Tile Sensors

a picture of our three millimeter thin Tile Sensors

Slim & Discrete

The SensorEdge Tile Sensors let you monitor pressures discretely. These super-slim sensors can be installed underneath soft flooring to provide an accurate reading in a more natural enviroment.


picture of and link to the website of our Measure X software that is used with our sensors.

Visualize Your Data

MeasureX is SensorEdge's powerful software designed to work seemlessly with our sensors. Our in-house software team developes the software along side the sensors to ensure proper linking and interpretations.